The Wee Braw Bag Pattern

The Wee Braw Bag Pattern

Wee Braw Bag surrounded by binding clips, embroidery scissors and thread

One of my favourite patterns of all time is called the Wee Braw Bag, and it's designed by my friend Laura of @sweetcinnamonroses.  I have made many Wee Braw Bags over the years, including for my mum, who loves to use it to put all her bits and bobs in when she's going on holiday.  

This year, disaster struck.  My mum went on holiday to Greece and her suitcase, containing the Wee Braw Bag got lost!  3 months later and it still had not turned up, so she asked me to make her another one for Christmas.  Luckily, I had been sent some gorgeous fabric by British designer Sally Kelly @sallykellyfabric and I couldn't wait to put them to good use. 

Pink and purple fabrics fanned out

These are the Atlantis and Celeste collection by Windham Fabrics and will be available in 2023.  I knew they would be perfect for a Wee Braw Bag, and so I set about choosing which prints to use, and paired them with a lovely plum coloured braid for the drawstring.

I love making this bag because it comes together really quickly, the instructions are easy to follow and there are colour photos to guide you as well.  Laura has a great way of explaining things, even to beginners.  

I finished making the Wee Braw Bag in an evening, and it's now ready to gift to my mum on Christmas day.  You would never believe it though, just 3 days after I finished it, my mum's suitcase turned up on her doorstep!  So now she has two Wee Braw Bags.  But you can never have too many in my opinion, so I shall fill it with treats, ready to gift to her. 

Wee Braw bag, hanging suspended from the air against a white background

Here are some versions I've made in different fabrics previously. 

4 different Wee Braw Bags in different fabrics


Aren't they cute?!

You can get the Wee  Braw Bag from Laura's Etsy Shop here.  Do check out her other awesome patterns too, they are such fun to make!

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