Top tips for sewing room storage and organisation

Top Tips for Sewing Room Storage and Organisation

Sarah Ashford sitting in her studio with a sewing machine and quilt

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If you're anything like me, even if you've just started on your sewing and quilting journey, you already have more fabric and notions than you know what to do with, and storing them in an organised way can be somewhat of a challenge.  

Well I just love a stylish but practical storage solution, so I thought I'd share some of my top tips for how I organise my sewing space!

Fabrics - 1/2 metre or more:

I love the idea of having my own personal quilting shop, so I have wrapped all of my fabrics 1/2m or more around comic book boards, and organised them in colour order.  Like a bookshelf, they are easy to see and it gives my shelf that 'shop' feel!  The comic book boards are acid free, so I can be sure that they won't damage my fabric.  You can get them here. 

My only word of advice would be if you're storing fabrics in this way, make sure they aren't in direct sunlight, as the sun may fade the bit of fabric that is exposed.  

Fabrics on shelf, in colour order

Fat Quarters 

I probably have more fat quarters than any other size of fabric.  I love to store  them in my trusty trolley, again in colour order so that I can easily see and access them.  You can purchase a similar one here.

Fat quarters in trolley

I also love metal trunks for storing my fat quarters, as these are stylish, durable and it's easy to access the fabric.  You can get similar ones here.

Metal trunk filled with fat quarters

Fabric Bundles

For my fat quarter collections that I want to keep altogether, I store them in a draw, or if they are on display I put a ribbon around them so they look pretty! 

Fabric  bundles in draw


There is much debate about how to best store scraps and I have tried different approaches over the years. I have decided scrap bins/buckets work best, and I just tip them on the table and audition them when I'm working on a scrap project.  It makes a big mess, but I always tidy up afterwards!  You can shop here for a similar one to mine.

Bucket full of scrap fabrics



Another hobby of mine is collecting quilting books.  I just love them!  Recently I have organised them in rainbow order, which I find very pleasing. 

Quilting books in rainbow order

Storage Boxes

I find storage boxes are a great way to keep things all together, and most importantly, they need to be labelled so that I can quickly find what I need.  They also look smart, and I always know where everything is. Stackable crates are also another great option for storage, and they are collapsible too.

storage boxes with labels

Whether you have your own sewing room or just the kitchen table, being organised will always make your sewing easier and more pleasurable.  Do also check out my Amazon page, for more storage solutions and all my favourite quilting related things.  

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to get organised!





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