The 'Snowball' Quilt Block Tutorial

The 'Snowball' Quilt Block Tutorial

Let's make a snowball block!  It's really easy when you know how, and they look super cute all stitched together! This will make a 4 1/2" finished block. 
Fussy cut: (1) 5" square 
(4) 2" background squares 

1. Draw a pencil line on the wrong side of the each of the background squares.

2. Pin a background square to each corner of the main square, orientating the pencil lines as shown below. Pin to the side of the stitched drawn line. 

3. Stitch down each drawn line, removing the pins as you go. 
4. Trim 1/4 inch seam on the outside of each stitched line.

5. Open out and press.  Use your favourite product to help the snowball lie flat. 
And that's it! A gorgeous fussy cut block in no time. 

Snowballs for the win!  
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